Digital Marketing Associates

We power digital marketing for over a dozen businesses, and host over 40 websites.

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Since 2013, DMA has been driving business by developing and executing premium online digitally-focused. We pride ourselves on phenomenal execution, huge range, decades of A-level experience, and a can-do attitude that is unparalleled.

We work with a wide variety of business sizes, primarily from small to medium, and in a wide range of capacities. We have years of experience primarily derived from work with Fortune 500 and household brands, to many major outdoors-industry oriented manufacturers or local retailers.

We specialize in making businesses more successful by using the online channel as a base of marketing and sales efforts, with stellar tracking and building Cost-Per-Lead and Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) models. For this reason, we call ourselves a marketing group, though we offer many of services found at your traditional Internet marketing agency.

Our successes include market determination, analysis, and execution that has led to as much as 2-times sales growth in a year. Our clients routinely see 10:1 ROI from our work, and some have seen as much as 20:1. This means that for every dollar they’ve spent with us, they’ve made $20.

Our work includes:

  • Marketing & Digital Marketing: execution of online assets with a trackable algorithm & reporting to measure direct & indirect business results, ideally at a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis
  • Small & Medium Size Business Development; Consulting


  • Online Platform Development
    (we choose & setup the best tools for the business, client, or project)
  • Web Site Design & Development, E-Commerce Setup
  • Web Hosting, Email Setup


  • Website or E-Commerce Optimization (design, user-flow)
  • Call To Action Setup &/or Improvement


  • Search Engine Strategy Development
  • Search Engine Optimization Setup & Management


  • Content Strategy; Content; Blog Content Development &/or Management
  • Photography and/or Video Content development
  • Social Media Management &/or Marketing services


  • Digital marketing metrics setup & tracking
  • Telephone system setup & management (including tracking)
  • Measure success of PR campaigns & PR partners
  • CRM setup & integration
  • Security services setup & management
  • Other integrations (Zapier, etc)


  • Client marketing management (we act as marketing managers and/or marketing director of your business, branded or unbranded)
  • Development & management of offline assets (print, billboard), with tracking

We’re happy to give you a tour of our work & capabilities
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