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We power marketing for over two-dozen businesses, and host over 40 websites.

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Since 2013, DMA has been driving business by developing and executing premium online-focused marketing. We pride ourselves on phenomenal execution, huge range, decades of A-level experience, and a can-do attitude that is unparalleled.

We work with a wide variety of business sizes, primarily from small to medium, and in a wide range of capacities. We have combined decades of experience primarily derived from work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to major outdoors-industry oriented manufacturers and local retailers.

We specialize in making businesses more successful by using the online channel as a base of marketing and sales efforts, with stellar tracking and modelling at a Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) basis. For this reason, we call ourselves a marketing group rather than an Internet marketing agency, though we offer many of services found at traditional agencies. What that means: we’re able to understand and calculate the real world ramifications behind our work. We can calculate the impact behind impressions and brand recognition and what this means long term.

Our successes include market analysis and execution that has led to as much as 3X sales growth in a year. Many of our clients routinely see 10:1 ROI from our work, and some have seen as much as 20:1. Yes, we calculate that too. This means that for every dollar they’ve spent with us, they’ve made $20.

Our work includes:

  • Marketing & Digital Marketing: execution of online assets with a trackable algorithm & reporting to measure direct & indirect business results, ideally at a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis
  • Small & Medium Size Business Development; Consulting


  • Online Platform Development
    (we choose & setup the best tools for the business, client, or project)
  • Web Site Design & Development, E-Commerce Setup
  • Web Hosting, Email Setup


  • Website or E-Commerce Optimization (design, user-flow)
  • Call To Action Setup &/or Improvement


  • Search Engine Strategy Development
  • Search Engine Optimization Setup & Management


  • Content Strategy; Content; Blog Content Development &/or Management
  • Photography and/or Video Content development
  • Social Media Management &/or Marketing services


  • Digital marketing metrics setup & tracking
  • Telephone system setup & management (including tracking)
  • Measure success of PR campaigns & PR partners
  • CRM setup & integration
  • Security services setup & management
  • Other integrations (Zapier, etc)


  • Client marketing management (we act as marketing managers and/or marketing director of your business, branded or unbranded)
  • Development & management of offline assets (print, billboard), with tracking

We’re happy to give you a tour of our work & capabilities
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We’ve been busy…

Stay tuned as we finally get around to building our own web site highlighting our work and case studies. We should have this done in the summer of 2017, if we can get to it!